Have you registered for INANE 2017 yet? Now is the time!

earlybirdAs is our tradition, registration for our annual conference starts earlier than most, and this year is no exception!  Early Bird registration is only $395, and is available through January 6 at midnight Mountain Standard Time! After the January 6 deadline, the registration fee will put another #100 dent in your pocketbook, and after April 30, 2017, the price goes up to $595! So go to the registration page now and register now for this terrific savings!  If you are not able to click over to the registration page now, then put a note on your to-do list so that you do not miss this savings!

You may be asking – why so early?  The answer is simple – INANE is no ordinary group, and we have no ordinary way of financing what we do!  So to help finance the early arrangments that need to be set up, we ask people to register early!  We have no officers, no by-laws, no membership roster, no bank account!  We are simply a group of nursing journal editors and those who support our work – connected by our mutual dedication to providing the very best, reliable literature for all of the many nursing “audiences” who need what we produce.

Our annual conference has become even more vital than is was when INANE was founded in 1982 – publishing and the contexts in which scientific and professional journals are produced has changed in ways none of us could ever imagine.  Keeping up with the changes is almost impossible, and we can only do it with the support that INANE offers.

Our non-traditional form of non-organization is important, I believe, to maintain our independence from pressures and influences that could erode our commitment to editorial integrity. Our conferences provide access to information, discussion and careful deliberation of issues – shaped only by what we as nursing journal editors bring to the table.  This also means that we generate the financial resources to support our conferences – by attending the conference and registering early, we all provide the host team the resources needed to launch what happens on the ground in August!  We also do invite our publishers and other groups to support our conferences through sponsorships, but there are no strings attached!  We recognize their valuable contributions, but they ask nothing further in terms of our mission, our values or our deliberations.  All of this comes from us as nursing editors!

So plan to attend INANE 2017 in Denver, and register early!  We have a dynamite experience planned, and I know you will want to be a part of it!

Prepared by Peggy Chinn on behalf of the planning team:

Hosts: Karren Kowalski and Patricia Yoder-Wise

Planning Committee Members:

Liana Comacho
Peggy Chinn
Edna Hull
Elaine Miller
Leslie Nicoll
Julia Snethen

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