Art, Science, History, Shopping – Find It All in (and near) Denver!

We are now just about 7 weeks from our 2017 INANE conference!  Our venue is very special – the famous Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver – a city you will want to linger in for a few extra days to take in some of the special opportunities in the city and the surrounding areas!  Our hosts have provided a list of some of the highlights you might want to plan to visit while you are there!  As a former Denver resident myself, I can affirm that the many museums are among the most interesting I have ever visited, and the historical highlights open a window into the unique “wild west” Colorado culture. Access the list of highlights here!

Of course the main reason to be in Denver is to experience INANE in real life!  The program is once again packed with informative, even vital sessions examining some of the most pressing issues in journal publishing today – along with ample opportunities for networking, sharing and discussion.  Registration is still open, –  you will not want to miss this opportunity.

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