Art, Science, History, Shopping – Find It All in (and near) Denver!

We are now just about 7 weeks from our 2017 INANE conference!  Our venue is very special – the famous Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver – a city you will want to linger in for a few extra days to take in some of the special opportunities in the city and the surrounding areas!  Our hosts have provided a list of some of the highlights you might want to plan to visit while you are there!  As a former Denver resident myself, I can affirm that the many museums are among the most interesting I have ever visited, and the historical highlights open a window into the unique “wild west” Colorado culture. Access the list of highlights here!

Of course the main reason to be in Denver is to experience INANE in real life!  The program is once again packed with informative, even vital sessions examining some of the most pressing issues in journal publishing today – along with ample opportunities for networking, sharing and discussion.  Registration is still open, –  you will not want to miss this opportunity.

Preparing for that Rocky Mountain High!

There are now well over 100 of us registered for the 2017 INANE conference (and registration is still open!). This promises to indeed be a “high” experience – not only matching the high quality of our annual meetings, but putting us all in the dizzying atmosphere of 1 mile in altitude!  Here are some great “high latitude” tips sent to us by our conference hosts:

Denver really is exactly one mile high.

Don’t let anything you hear about the mile-high altitude scare you. The air is just thinner and dryer. In fact, many people with respiratory problems move to Denver for the benefits of the dry air. Just follow these simple tips and you will very likely not even notice the difference.

Drink Water

Before your trip to Denver, and while you are here, drinking plenty of water is the number one way to help your body adjust easily to our higher altitude. The low humidity in Colorado keeps the air dry, like the desert, so you need about twice as much water here as you would drink at home.

Monitor Your Alcohol Intake

In Denver’s rarified air, golf balls go ten percent farther… and so do cocktails. Alcoholic drinks pack more of a wallop than at sea level. It is recommended that you go easy on the alcohol in the mountains and in Denver, as its effects will feel stronger here.

Eat Foods High in Potassium

Foods such as broccoli, bananas, avocado, cantaloupe, celery, greens, bran, chocolate, granola, dates, dried fruit, potatoes and tomatoes will help you replenish electrolytes by balancing salt intake.

Watch Your Physical Activity

The effects of exercise are more intense here. If you normally run 10 miles a day at home, you might try 6 miles in Denver.

Pack for Sun

With less water vapor in the air at this altitude, the sky really is bluer in Colorado. But there’s 25 percent less protection from the sun, so sunscreen is a must. Denver receives over 300 days of sunshine each year (more than San Diego or Miami). Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm… even in winter.

Dress in Layers

Two days before your trip to Denver, check the weather and use this information to pack appropriately. Because Denver is closer to the sun, it can feel much warmer than the actual temperature during the daytime, but then become very chilly after sundown, particularly in the spring and fall. It is best to layer your clothing.


Introducing: the INANE Virtual Journal!

What is the INANE Virtual Journal? It is a new initiative for INANE 2017, designed to help showcase the variety and creativity of the journals that represent the INANE membership. We know that journal editors, their editorial boards, peer reviewers, authors, and publishers work hard to create high quality publications of which they are justifiably proud. The INANE Virtual Journal is being developed as a way to showcase the important contributions that INANE member journals make to nurses in practice, academia, research, and leadership positions.

To create the INANE Virtual Journal each editor will select one article from their journal to be included. A citation list of the articles will be on the INANE Website along with PDFs or links to the article on the journal website. This will allow those who access the INANE Virtual Journal to read the content. The INANE Virtual Journal will be password protected so only INANE members will have access–this is being done to be mindful of copyright restrictions. The password will be shared at INANE 2017 and also on the INANE Email Update list.

Why is the INANE Virtual Journal being created? Primarily to highlight the diversity of scholarship that is included our journals and to be inclusive of all journals, including those that are online only, online and print combinations, as well as traditional print. A second reason is to continue our efforts to have the INANE conference be paperless. The INANE Virtual Journal will replace the journal display which has been a tradition at the INANE conference. The journal display suffers from being expensive (shipping journals to the conference) and wasteful (many journals are thrown in the trash when the conference is over). We hope that the INANE Virtual Journal becomes the new tradition that more fully reaches INANE members and captures content in a vital, meaningful, and creative way. Questions? Comments? You can comment directly on this post, or send a message through our contact form. Someone will get back to you right away!

Click here to access a page that has all the details about the INANE Virtual Journal.

Click here to access the form for submitting an article for the 2017 issue!

Thank you to our sponsors!

As everyone knows, sponsors are essential to help us put on a successful INANE Conference. This year we have four generous sponsors and we are grateful for their support. Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins will once again be sponsoring Guidebook! We have three sponsors at the Bronze Level: Elsevier, RCNi (host of last year’s very successful INANE in London), and Slack, Inc.

We are proud to display their logos on this website and acknowledge their ongoing support of INANE!


The Complete Program is Posted!

Greetings INANE Colleagues–

Once again, we had a successful Call for Abstracts and have rounded out our program with Breakout Sessions and Poster Presentations. This year’s INANE Conference promises to be diverse and intellectually stimulating. We have an Opening Gala with a great speaker, Tom “Dr. Colorado” Noel. Friday and Saturday, Aug 4th and 5th will feature four General Sessions, nine Breakout Sessions, ample opportunities to view the posters, our annual Business Meeting, and presentations of awards. The conference will close with “Ten Reasons to Visit Boston for INANE 2018.”

See the full program here.

Regular registration is open now–Click here to register. Don’t forget–the price goes up by $100 on May 1st so don’t delay and register today!

I look forward to seeing everyone in Denver!


Nominations open for 2017 Margaret Comerford Freda Award

I remember the first time I met Margaret Comerford Freda, I had been invited to a colleague’s house for a gathering, and Dr. Freda was sitting next to me. I knew her immediately, her reputation for excellence in the area of maternal-child health was well known, and I had spent many an hour perusing the MCN: The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing during my doctoral program. I was honored to be introduced, and after introductions were made she immediately put me at ease, and asked me about

Margaret Comerford Freda
Margaret Comerford Freda

myself, and my areas of interest. Not only did her genuine smile inspire sharing, but the warmth and true interest was readily apparent, so I found myself telling her about my program of research and plans for furthering my scholarship. Her follow up question of course was inquiring about when I was going to be submitting a manuscript to MCN. Given her expertise and stature in the area of maternal healthcare issues, and the fact that I was quite the novice, I was very flattered that she would even consider my work. However, what became more apparent as we talked, was her willingness to work with someone who was a novice writer, and help them to grow in their scholarship. Needless to say, in my mind there was a permanent impression of a professional who made a difference.

I was at the INANE conference when the award was first announced, “to recognize outstanding achievements or contributions by an editor in pursuit of excellence in nursing publication” (INANE webpage) . Immediately the memory of my first meeting with Dr. Freda flashed into my head, and at the same time, it occurred to me that Margaret Comerford Freda reflected the essence of INANE. In August, at the 2017 Annual INANE conference, the Margaret Comerford Freda award will be presented to an editor for outstanding achievements in pursuit of excellence in nursing publication. Nominations are currently being accepted for editors whose outstanding achievements reflect the standard established by the work of Dr. Freda. Please consider who you know, who might be deserving of the Margaret Comerford Freda Award, and submit a nomination form. You can see the past recipients of the award here.

Information about the award, criteria and instructions for nominations, and a link to the online nomination form for the MCF Award are on the INANE website. Applications are open now and must be received by April 15, 2017.

It is an honor for me to be chairing the awards committee this year. The committee members look forward to reviewing the applications for this outstanding award.

Julia Snethen

Denver Walk-Abouts!

Now that abstract submissions are in and we are closing in on all the details for our 36th Annual INANE meeting, we can turn attention to the program enhancements that are already planned!  Of course we have the Thursday interesting (and delicious) opening excursion to Castle Rock (included in your registration), the opening Gala on Thursday evening (also included), and the optional “High Tea” at the close of the conference on Saturday!

Then each morning I (Peggy) and Julia will be leading Denver Walk-Abouts for those who want to get up a bit early to enjoy the invigorating early morning mile-high air!  Denver is well-known as a “fitness” city – more opportunities for

16th Street Mall
16th Street Mall

physical activities than almost any other city in the U.S.!  The downtown city streets are very pedestrian-friendly and in fact one of the main thoroughfares – 16th Street – is completely dedicated to pedestrian and trolley traffic only.  We will take one of our walk-abouts along the 16th Street mall – which at 6 am will be mostly deserted, but will give you an overview of the many fun entertainment, browsing, eating and shopping opportunities line the mall.

The other path will take us to Confluence Park, which marks the area where a gold discovery in 1858 led to the founding of the city.  This Park is also the northern end of a 40-mile trail that parallels Cherry Creek, passing southeat through urban landscapes and parks, into the suburbs and ending at Cherry Creek State Park in Arapahoe County. Of course we will only have time (and energy!) for a bit of exploration of Confluence Park, but we will talk about the many attractions that are within reach along the trail as it wanders through the city just south of Confluence Park!

So bring your walking shoes – even if you do not plan to join us for the walk-abouts!  Denver is a very casually oriented city – you won’t need to dress up, and the weather will be very warm to hot once we step outside the hotel!  I will be wearing Teva sandals the whole time – so follow my lead and plan for comfort, whether you are walking, siting, or standing!

Peggy, on behalf of the planning group!

Hosts: Karren Kowalski and Patricia Yoder-Wise

Planning Committee Members:

Liana Comacho
Peggy Chinn
Edna Hull
Elaine Miller
Leslie Nicoll
Julia Snethen


  • Don’t forget to register for the 2017 INANE conference in Denver, Colorado. Today is the last day to receive the todayearly bird rate, so hurry to get your registration submitted!!
  • Abstracts are due by January 31, 2017, please don’t forget to get your abstract submitted, the link for submission is provided on the INANE website:

The 2017 INANE conference is coming up August 3rd through the 5th in Denver, Colorado. The conference is being held at the Brown Palace in downtown Denver. As you are planning on heading to the INANE conference, be sure and pack your walking shoes as Denver is known as the mile high city, and has the fourth most walkable downtown according to the Brookings Institute. If shopping is your passion, there is a free shuttle bus that can facilitate a day of shopping along the 16th Street Mall. Among the notable sites to visit for shopping and dining while in Denver is Union Station or the LoDo Historic District, which have been developed to house many shops, restaurants, and taverns.

Given the many site-seeing opportunities in downtown Denver, consider arriving early or extending your trip to enjoy the museums or make a reservation for a tour of the U.S. Mint. There are multiple opportunities for enjoying the beautiful scenery available in Denver, including the mile high City Park, which has splendid views of the mountains.

One Week from Today! Early Bird Registration!

Indeed!  Early Bird registration for INANE 2017 in Denver closes one week from today – January 6, 2017 at midnight,earlybird Mountain Standard Time.  The early bird fee is only $395 – after midnight, this rate goes up to $495.  So do not delay –
get your registration in now and start planning for a dynamite INANE experience!

Register now for $395 and save $100 off the regular registration rate.